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Clinical Counselling

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Specialising in providing counselling in a natural setting, the space at Tropical Wellbeing can support a gentle exploration of self that enhances opportunities for personal growth and learning.

You may wonder why you do certain things or behave a particular way when it's not what you want to do or a reflection of whom you want to be. This may be as simple as snapping at your partner, children, or friends in the heat of the moment or as complex as staying in a job that dampens your enthusiasm for life. You may be dissatisfied with your career, your relationships, your physical and mental wellbeing, or simply be experiencing life as if there was ‘something missing’.

Rather than feeling as if we are at the mercy of feeling sad, anxious, angry, embarrassed, thinking we’re no good or a failure, or experiencing physical pain, we can develop a deeper understanding of our selves and connect to our own innate capacity for healing, wellbeing and resilience. 

Clinical counselling can assist you to connect deeply with personally held values, develop skills in mindfulness and create new ways of being and thinking for the purpose of living a truly fulfilling life.

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Linda provides a space that creates the possibility for people to connect deeply with their inner wisdom and learn lifelong skills of mindfulness and awareness. Through clinical counselling, individuals and groups are encouraged to explore, unearth and tap into, their own innate capacity for healing, wellbeing and resilience.

Enhance wellbeing & resilience. Reconnect with your passion.

Through connecting to our innate capacity for healing and inner wisdom, old hurts and pains may surface and begin to fall away, as a new way of being is provided the space and nurturing to emerge. 


*Rebates are available through selected private health funds. Linda is also a registered EAP provider. Please contact Linda to enquire further*. 

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