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Animal & Human Relationship Enrichment

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Our relationships with our furry companions are often central in our lives. At different times, these relationships can become challenging, upsetting and draining. Linda offers sessions focussed on processing past difficulties, acknowledging and enhancing current connections and developing a truly symbiotic relationship with furry companions in your life.


These sessions are available via teleconferencing, in an office based setting and in nature based settings.

"I worked with Linda for three sessions when I was struggling in my relationship with my Jack Russell puppy.   Linda helped me recognise the difference between simply achieving good obedience versus building a deep relationship based on trust and clear communication, boundaries and love.  Linda supported me to build on what was working and find more pleasure, joy and confidence in my interactions with Jack.  Within days of my first session with Linda, the frustration that I was feeling with myself and with Jack eased and we began to communicate more clearly and deepen our trust in one another.  Linda helped me process my own fears around being a dog owner and helped me work through the relational issues that having a puppy had brought up between myself and my partner.  I highly recommend a session with Linda if you would like to deepen an already good relationship or if you are having particular issues that you would like to explore from a somatic, body-based, perspective.  Thanks Linda!! " Julie Teetsov

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