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Connecting to Inner Wisdom

Enlivening mind, body & Spirit

About Linda

Clinical Counsellor
Clinical Supervisor
BPsyc., BA (Hons) Psych.
MACA (Level 4)


Linda combines science and creativity, informed by a deep-seated commitment to empathy and compassion, to provide a healing space for others. This can assist with an exploration of the interaction of your inner private life and external circumstances to optimise life outcomes, health and wellbeing.


Linda has experience in mental health, trauma, addiction and neurodiversity. She utilises Mindfulness, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Somatic approach, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Animal Assisted Therapy. Sessions can be via telephone, video, room based and/ or in a natural environment and can include interaction with horses, Sisco & Diego, and dogs, Trooper & Lily.